Clinical Supervision Resources

This page links to a range of papers and other resources which you are welcome to download and use; please credit Northwest Solutions if you do so.

Clinical supervision can and should be offered to anyone who works professionally with people. For some disciplines it is mandatory — for example counsellors and therapists, psychologists, or art, music and drama therapists. For others, like nurses and social workers, it is strongly recommended. In my view anyone in these kinds of roles deserves reliable, supportive, non-managerial supervision.. Since 2004 I've been working with a variety of professionals and organisations — for example, NHS Direct (England) — offering training and consultancy around supervision.

I pay attention to helping organisations to establish effective in-house supervision schemes, in which supervisors are enabled to do their best work supporting their colleagues, because the organisation is behind them and has set helpful processes in place. I support the organisation to create an effective structure, support supervisors and sustain the scheme after training. Read more about the 4S scheme.

Two published articles are here which may also be of interest:

For NHS supervision work specifically, there is a reference sheet and a page about the links between the Knowledge and Skills Framework and clinical supervision.

For group supervision, you may find Norman's process outline helpful.

For either counselling or clinical supervision, there is:

I am happy to share information without obligation, and if you are looking for information on any other specific area of supervision practice for which I may have a handout or other material, please let me know.