A Solution Focused Team Process

(Can be used for group supervision.)

(5 mins)
The presenter comes to the group with a specific request for help with a work-related issue.
(5 mins)
The presenter outlines the issues. The team members listen quietly.
(8 mins)
In turn, each team member asks a question of the presenter to understand the situation more clearly. The presenter can answer the specific question at any length they wish, while everyone else listens.
(3 mins)
Team members take turns telling the presenter what they have noticed about the issues or the presentation that impresses them.
(10 mins)
Team members now discuss and wonder aloud about aspects of the situation and possibilities. The presenter listens without joining in, and can make notes if they wish.
(4 mins)
The presenter responds by setting out what s/he is going to do. The other group members listen.

Adapted from Harry Norman's chapter 'Solution-Focused Reflecting Teams' in Bill O'Connell & Stephen Palmer: Handbook of Solution Focused Therapy; Sage 2003.