A Solution Focused Independent Personal Review

Formal staff interviews such as appraisals and Individual Personal Reviews (IPRs) are common in the British Health Service and in other working environments. This is an example of an Individual Personal Review form developed from a solution focused viewpoint.

Your name:

Date of this review:

The purpose of any review is to identify your strengths and resources. It will also enable you consider and discuss how your post and you as an individual may develop. The review will also give you an opportunity to plan what needs to happen and what resources are needed for you to achieve your goals.

Before we begin please consider “If this review is of benefit how will things be different in the future?”

There are several assumptions in your review:

Feel free to add to these assumptions as part of any review or at any interval as the idea develops.

Please Complete the Following Scales

Overall Job Satisfaction.

a scale

Level of Achievement of Personal Goals.

a scale

Level of Achievement of Professional Goals.

a scale

Feeling Valued as a Person & Practitioner.

a scale

Having Control over My Work.

a scale

Level of Education, Training and Resources.

a scale

Being Supported.

a scale

Feeling Confident About My Future at Work.

a scale

Recognising Strengths in Others.

a scale

Please make some notes on what would have to happen to move any or all scales one point to the right. Consider, for example, what would happen, who would be involved and how you would know that this had happened. It may be useful to think of times when you have achieved your goals and what made this happen.

Personal Review Plan

Based on your thoughts today and prior to the review can we agree a set of achievable goals and realistic time scales?


I'd like to take this time to offer you some feedback on our conversation and hope that this may prove useful.

Would you like to meet again to discuss your goals and review your successes? If so when?

This form is produced here with kind permission of Steve Freeman.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COPY AND USE THIS FORM BUT CREDIT THE AUTHOR: Steve Freeman, Research Nurse/Solution Focused Approaches Manager, Combined Healthcare NHS Trust. Chair, United Kingdom Association for Solution Focused Practice.