Teambuilding and team working

Carole Waskett

Teams are one of the most effective ways of service delivery. Teams themselves need regular attention if they are to work at their best. I can facilitate teambuilding days which can address various issues, for example:

"[I] liked the style & responsive approach to leading the workshop."

At the end of a teambuilding session or series of sessions, a team will have a better appreciation of each other and the character and strengths of the team itself. They will leave with an understanding of their goals, how far they are on the road towards achieving these, and a constructive and practical action plan. There is also an element of relief and enjoyment; we might use collaborative games and toys to release right-brain energy, always with a purpose and forward movement.

I ask participants to evaluate their teambuilding session, because such work represents the organisation's investment. An anonymised summary of these evaluations will be sent to the commissioning manager.

"Carole's style of teaching was good in the fact that it allowed the group to participate into the content and structure of the day. The group work was excellent and many of the techniques used could be applied to other areas of our practice for example clinical supervision and mentoring. I would certainly recommend Carole for future sessions here at the Hospice and to external organisations."

Clinical Nurse Manager, Bolton Hospice

Consulting in difficult times

To their credit, staff often keep going without complaint in spite of hard times, inadequate resources or awkwardly structured organisation. But when extra pressure appears, things can rapidly go wrong. A particularly difficult client or situation, the loss of a key member of staff, reduction of resources or some other major change, can be the 'tipping point' which brings problems to a head and produces distress, dysfunction and conflict. This state of affairs can result in higher risk levels and a poorer service, as well as lowered motivation and energy in the team.

Often problems are put down to 'personality conflicts' but it is usually worth attending to systems and processes first. Get those right, help people to talk to each other and plan their own recovery as a group, and the 'personality' issues often fade away.

Experienced and flexible facilitation

When the system is under pressure, what's often needed is an appropriate, objective consultant who can contain the issues and use a calm, confidential and positive approach to getting things back on track. This can be highly cost-effective.

As an experienced facilitator I can offer:

The practicalities

An initial consultation will enable us to talk through the situation and for me to grasp the key issues and understand what improvements you are hoping for and how I might be able to help resolve the situation. We can think practically and realistically about:

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